The arrival date of Xiaomi in France: April 2018

Xiaomi to open its official Store in France
Image: Frandroid

Xiaomi to open its official Store in France:

At the Mobile World Congress, Xiaomi set up a booth in one of the exhibition halls. 

For nearly a year, Xiaomi landed officially on the European continent, more precisely in Spain. After opening a Xiaomi Store in Madrid and referenced some products on Amazon and other traders, the Chinese brand opened last Saturday a new store in Barcelona. It continues to develop its brand in Europe and the next target country would be France.

Xiaomi to open its official Store in France
Image: Frandroid

The launch of Xiaomi in France is planned for the month of April:

The launch in France would be planned for the month of April. It will surely be necessary to count on the opening of a Xiaomi Store in Paris if the Chinese brand adopts a strategy similar to that of the Spanish market. However, the person in charge of public relations has stated that no date was public yet.

Which products is Xiaomi launching for the French market?

Xiaomi should land in France with products very similar to what is found in Spain. Of course, we will not immediately benefit from the entire Xiaomi ecosystem. Nevertheless, we can find the Mi VR, a very high-quality virtual reality headset that works with Android smartphones.

Xiaomi products to be lainched in France
Image: Frandroid

The Xiaomi Mi Box will also be there, it offers a 4K definition with Android TV.

Products in the Xiaomi ecosystem are not directly designed by Xiaomi; the Chinese brand partners with partners specializing in their sector. There is also a toy robot that can be programmed or a connected desk lamp. The Xiaomi Notebook Pro was present on the stand, but its availability in Europe has not yet been confirmed. They also planned to market their short-range projector.

MI Box in French market
Image: Frandroid

Xiaomi MI Robot

MIUI9 Eligible devices – 40 new devices in the list confirmed by Xiaomi

Image: Frandroid

Xiaomi MI Lamp
Image: Frandroid
Xiaomi Notebook in France
Image: Frandroid

In terms of smartphones, several models are expected as the Xiaomi Mi A1 or Mi Mix 2. It will always be possible to import other products and benefit from better prices, with lower quality customer support.

In any case, we should quickly be informed of the launch of Xiaomi in France. A launch that should upset the market, of players like Wiko, Huawei, Honor, and Samsung.



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