Xiaomi Gaming Smartphone – April 13th Invitation

Black Shark Xiaomi

Xiaomi confirms April 13th for their gaming phone Black Shark:

Today, a launch invitation confirms that Black Shark will launch a new gaming-focused phone like the Razer. This invitation mentions April 13 as the date on which the company will announce a device of this type in Beijing, China.

In fact, the company has the support of Xiaomi, so it is likely that the device includes the Black Shark brand and not the Xiaomi brand. Definitely, it will be easier to spell and pronounce than “Xiaomi” in the western markets.

Black Shark Xiaomi

The Qualcomm logo is also on the invitation, so we’ll probably see a Snapdragon 845 inside this device. Other expected specifications include between 6GB and 8GB of RAM and between 64GB and 256GB of storage. We also expect a 120Hz screen for a smooth gaming experience.

MI Black Shark

If someone is waiting to buy a Razer phone, you may want to wait until Black Shark phone unveils. We can guarantee that it will be cheaper than the Razer phone since Xiaomi is usually aggressive with the prices of its products.



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