Samsung Galaxy S9: an official video unveils the smartphone before the time

Samsung Galaxy S9 Newsaboutphones

Samsung Galaxy S9: an official video unveils the smartphone before the time

A few hours before the presentation of the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, Samsung has mistakenly put online a video presentation of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Newsaboutphones
Image: Frandroid

The Mobile World Congress 2018 begins and many are waiting for the star of the show that should be presented this Sunday evening: the Samsung Galaxy S9 (and his big brother, the Galaxy S9 +). And in this last straight line, the South Korean manufacturer made a mistake: put online earlier than expected a video presentation of phones.

The video in question has since been removed by Samsung, but on the Internet, nothing is lost and it was of course re-uploaded by the SlashLeaks teams. This is for professionals and does not teach us much more than we already knew about the Galaxy S9.

The video evokes professional solutions, the interest of augmented reality, DeX, the docking station for transforming a smartphone into a PC, multitasking, Knox security or services dedicated to businesses in order to manage a fleet of terminals, thus counteracting the absence of the number one telephony within the program “Enterprise” of Google.

Note that for the general public, here is missing important information: photography. Barely mentioned in this video, this feature should be the biggest novelty of the smartphone, especially because of its variable opening.

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To know how Samsung really intends to “reimagine” the photo with its Galaxy S9, it will still wait a few hours.



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