Honor View 10: Artificial Intelligence in photos

Honor 10 View Front Cam

Honor 10 View – Artificially Intelligent Camera

The Honor 10 View is equipped with two photosensors. This is Honor’s new innovation. It is enriched with unique features, associated with the Kirin 970 processor and its chip dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Honor View 10

Two sensors, two objectives: this is Honor’s hallmark since the Honor 8. The Honor View 10 takes the formula of its predecessors with a “classic” RGB sensor, which switches to 16 megapixels, and a monochrome sensor of 20 megapixels. By combining the information captured by the two images, you can capture more light and detail, which enriches the photos, especially in low light situations. The monochrome sensor can be used to capture unique atmospheres with a real black and white rendering more striking than any simulation.

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Honor 10 View

The presence of the Kirin 970 processor and its NPU, a chip dedicated to artificial intelligence enriches the photo features of the Honor View 10. The NPU automatically adapts the camera settings by recognizing, thanks to the AI, the subject you want to photograph: a person, a plant, a cloudy sky, food, a sunset, flowers, a cat, a dog, a night scene … In all, 13 different types of scenes are detected in a completely transparent way for the user.

Honor 10 Camera

The AI allows you to stay closer to the action with a detection of moving subjects able to limit motion blur and thus generate more stable images.

By combining information from both sensors, the Honor View 10 also offers an alternative to an optical zoom. Its hybrid zoom function keeps the details of the photo up to 2X and maintains good accuracy beyond.

Honor 10

A good example of an intelligent image processing made possible by the NPU is the snapshot during a sunset. It is a rather complicated scene to succeed perfectly, the focus being realized often in the foreground but with a sun much too clear, or on the contrary, a focus realized on the sunset but which sacrifices the first plan which will remain too dark.

Honor 10 View Sunset
(Here, the sunset is perfectly visible while keeping a good light in the foreground)

The bokeh effect or portrait mode reproduces the characteristic technique of professional cameras: a sharp subject and a fuzzy background, to highlight the first. Become a must have high-end smartphones, it benefits on the View 10 of the contribution of Kirin 970 processor and dual camera. Here, the second sensor captures information about the depth of the scene, and the NPU improves rendering accuracy. But for you, nothing to do. Activate the mode, focus on your subject, and the camera automatically blurs in the background. You can even adjust the effect or change the focus a posteriori.

Honor 10 View Front Cam

The front camera is not left out. Equipped with a 13-megapixel sensor, it is also enriched with artificial intelligence for pro selfies, with a simulation of the bokeh effect, which is no longer reserved for the two devices on the back of the smartphone. The NPU offers here also a better detection of the contours, allowing a more precise application of the blur, crucial for the success of the effect.

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