Here are our first photos of the LG V30S: a slightly smarter clone of the classic V30


LG V30S – Slightly smarter clone of the classic V30:

At MWC 2018, LG introduced a variant of its LG V30, the LG V30S. This is an almost identical model except that it embeds new artificial intelligence features that we’re discussing:


LG is not going to take advantage of the MWC 2018 to present a new smartphone in its G range. The LG G7 has indeed been postponed. It was also known, the South Korean manufacturer rather prepared a derivative of the LG V30, soberly called the LG V30S ThinQ (in its full version).

On the aesthetic level, there is absolutely no difference between this model and the original from which it derives. We find exactly the same 18: 9 screen of 6 inches with a definition of 2880 × 1440 pixels. On a bit more technical level, the Snapdragon 835 is this time coupled to 6 GB of RAM and supported by a storage space of 128 or 256 GB – the classic LG V30 had 4 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of RAM. The battery does not change either and retains a capacity of 3,330 mAh.

The pair of 16 and 13-megapixel photosensors with wide-angle also remains unchanged on the LG V30S, but it now enjoys a “Bright Mode” that allows it to perform better in low light, for photos as for videos.

LG V30S Back

Artificial intelligence in LG V30S:

During CES 2018, LG introduced ThinQ, its ecosystem of smart and connected objects. The LG V30S is part of this vision and embeds an artificial intelligence. This one will especially help to improve the quality of the images by recognizing the scene photographed and to adopt the best settings to put it in value. To enjoy it just press the AI Cam button on the photo application.

LG V30S AI Camera
Image: Frandroid

Enabling AI CAM in LG V30S:

LG V30S AI Camera
Image: Frandroid

The camera displays on the screen the items it sees when the AI Cam option is enabled.

Another artificial intelligence feature, dubbed QLens, allows the LG V30S to detect an object in the image and then buy it on merchant sites. Sometimes the AI has simply not been able to recognize the objects being photographed, but it’s worth noting that it’s better to wait until you have the finished product under normal conditions of use before you can a real idea on it.

LG V30S AI Camera merchant
Image: Frandroid

Price and availability of LG V30S:

LG did not communicate the price of this new terminal and the only indication was that it will be available in about two weeks in South Korea.

Be aware that the artificial intelligence of the LG V30S will also be deployed on the LG V30 in the near future. The owners of the first model do not need to rush on the latter which comes in two new colors: New Moroccan Blue (a little dark blue) and New Platinum Gray (gray).



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